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Since this year is almost halfway over, and I’ve had to adjust my home project “to do” list for the year, I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that there’s no way I’ll be able to reupholster the two chairs I’ve been saving for my living room. And since I don’t want to wait until next year to get that room finished (it’s so close — just needs two chairs, and ceiling light, and some accessories), I decided to purchase two new chairs for the room. I’ll save those other two chairs for another room.

As a reminder, this is the room I’m talking about…

Those two chairs will be moved back into the music room, and I’ll still be reupholstering those at some point. That ceiling light has been moved to the music room, so I’ll be getting a new one for this room. And I also made a coffee table for this room, which isn’t pictured above.

The main color in the rug is purple, but it has lots of different colors in it, including teal, fuchsia, and orange.

Also, through the doorway behind those chairs is the kitchen, which looks like this…

teal kitchen - add trim to customize - peninsula 2

A part of that peninsula can be seen from the front door of our home, and it’s definitely visible from the living room, so any choices I make for the living room need to coordinate (or at least not clash) with the kitchen. It’s tricky, though, because throughout the day, the color of the kitchen cabinets changes. At times, the color will look more blue, and at other times, the color will look more green.

After searching and searching, I’ve narrowed my search to eighteen. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many great chairs are available at pretty reasonable prices! Only one of the eighteen is over $500, and many of them come in multiple colors. Of course, I’ve shown the colors that I think would work best in my living room.

  • Teal Accent Chair from Target (also comes in charcoal, berry, blue, chocolate, and natural)
  • Gray Wingback Chair from Wayfair (also comes in beige, charcoal, dark gray, and blue)
  • Teal Casual Accent Chair from Lowe’s (also comes in taupe and white)
  • Purple Armchair from Wayfair (also comes in charcoal, deep red, and navy blue)
  • Purple Velvet Accent Chair from Home Depot (also comes in ash rose, garnet rose, dark blue, and ultramarine green)
  • Gray and White Accent Chair from Wayfair (also comes in blue and white)

So those are the chairs I’m looking at right now. Of course, all of the teal and turquoise chairs are my favorite, although I think the Tidepool Blue Wingback from Lamps Plus is too blue and might clash with my teal kitchen. The one from Home Depot with the gold legs is my favorite as far as the fabric goes, but I’m not sold on the style of the chair. The purple ones are fun, but I’m very particular about purples. If they’re too red, I don’t like them. Plus, I think in order for purple to work with my pink curtains, the purple has to be very dark and rich in color. If a purple is too light or washed out, it’ll look meh with the pink curtains. And the all of the gray chairs seem like safe choices, but a gray and white pattern might spice things up a bit. And of course, I can always all lots of color with throws, pillows, etc.

Anyway, I’d love to get some ordered this weekend! Which one catches your eye? The teal and gold one from Home Depot is definitely the standout for me.

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